Thursday, December 3, 2015

28.entry: Create yourself! (Get stronger)


So another year that's has almost came to an end. Its safe to say we have all been hurt, been extremely happy, had good and bad sex, lost and gain friends, and we have all changed for better or for worse. 

At this point I would like to say something about changing or lets use the phrase "creating" yourself. These past experiences changed us into somebody new, we must create our different selves to coop with the world. And I dont like when people tell me that I have changed and that I am different. Obviously I have changed, and so far I can say I am still in control of who I am and of who I want to become. This is the point of creating oneself, to be in control of who you become and to be better then you were the day before. 

I remember one time in elementary school, I was about 12 years old. I was a really good kid, I still am, but at that time I might have been too innocent, and over the summer break I became more confident and I just kind of find a new ground to stand on. And I remember coming back to school, I went to library and the librarian who I knew pretty well (its safe to say I did spend a lot of time in library) said to me that I have changed and not necessarily in good way. It really made me think of who I am, and if I am losing myself to the "dark side", But thats the thing; we all have that dark side and I just became more comfortable with accepting it I guess. So the point of the story would be that I did change and it wasnt for worse like the librarian said. It was for the better, because I became more sure of myself and I finally knew who I was. 

Life is not too short or too long, I feel its just long enough for us to crate who want to be and be proud of it. Because I believe everybody can become anything they set their mind to. You can become president, drug dealer, scuba diver, killer or even a lady with 50 cats. But the thing is, not all of those choices are good. Thats the catch, You have to create yourself to be better and to help yourself and others. It wouldnt take me much time and effort to become a robber would it know? And that could be one version of myself, but our hopes and dreams should guide us to creating the better self, the stronger one. We all have light and dark inside of us, dont let the world choose for you, choose for yourself and do what is right! In life these choices are necesarry, they might be scray and hard to make, but the outcome is soo worth it. I had plenty of chances to stop caring and just give it all up, but did I? NO! And you know why, because I care about myself too much to let the actions of others send me down the path to destruction. Everybody has a chance to be a bad person and to create themselves into somebody horrible, but it not right! You owe it to yourself and to your fiends and family to be their light when they need it, you need to be their saviour when they are in need of a rescue. And you cant provide light and saving if you are destructive!

People oftenly go down the wrong path when something bad happens. They feel they need to adapt, to change; only to survive. Unfortunatelly that solution is only temporary and in the long run it wont do you any good. We have all been hurt and loved people who didnt us love us back, but that doesnt mean we should close out hearts to the world and become ice queens of the brokenheart land. Shit happens, and when it does, it is up to us if it will defeat us or make us stronger. That is the real meaning behing creating yourself. When life knocks you down, you have to get back up better and stronger, because you can and because you should. Of course I can tell you it will be better, and even you know it, but at that time it seems like it wont, and in that time you need to keep your faith in yourself. 

So yeah, life is all about creating ourselves to live happily and to find happiness. Dont be afraid to experiment with yourself, and seek whatever brings you joy and happiness. Dont be afraid to change from somebody you were, because no matter what, you will change, and its much better when you are in control. 

Stop trying to find yourself, because you already did. And to be free of those limits, you need to create yourself! Remember; you are your own person, and you can be anything you want, dont let the the words of others and limitations of society tell you otherwise! Lets all enter the new year with a new energy, new hope and better self! 

Lots of love and kisses, it never too late to live your dreams and be who you were meant to be!