Friday, May 23, 2014

22.entry: Its Not Too Late To Apologize

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Apology is a virtue, that not many posses, if I may be so bold. Its a fine art of expressing how you feel and of admitting your mistakes. For that a person must be proud and strong. Not everybody is capable of admitting their faults for the sake of admitting them and exposing their soul. 

In our short lives, we have all made mistakes. Big ones and small ones. We have hurt people we loved, we have made them angry by things we have said, or things we haven't said. For leveling the field and calming the opponent, one must apologize and admit thing he or she has done wrong. 

People find it hard to apologize for things they have done, because they believe they will lose their power and pride. But pride is a funny thing, it can be so amazing at times, and gives us dignity and can make us hold that head high in the clouds. But also it can be a wall, a wall we build around ourselves so others cant see our emotions and our faults. It is OK to be flawed, its okay to have emotions. And I don't mean you have to show them to everybody, just to those you care about. Be careful of your pride, and of what it can make you do or don't do. And by apologizing to people, you show them you care about them, you put their needs in front of yours, and in my opinion that's the strongest a person can be. To do something for others, knowing you might not gain nothing from it. So apologizing is necessary when it comes to relationships. You have to know when to apologize and how to do it. The whole act of apologizing wont lower your image in somebody else's eyes, but the fact you didn't apologize when you should, that will hurt your image and your relationship. So think of others and do what is right. Swallow the thing you call pride and spit out that apology!

Once I heard this quote, saying that you should never apologize, since this is a sign of weakness. I cannot more disagree with this bullshit. Only by knowing your weaknesses you will be strong. And to know when you have wronged somebody and to apologize, is certainly not a weakness, it can only mean you can look past your needs and serve other`s instead. Its the most admirable thing a person can do to somebody he or she has wronged. So whenever somebody says you should not apologize, punch them in their face, and say you are sorry. 

To apologize you must have a sense of guilt. Or simply do it because you know it is the right thing to do. Because some people dont feel gulit, or they mask the feelings of guilt with pride. But by admiting you were wrong, you will show people not only your weaknesses, but also your strenghts. They will admire you for being so brave to admit you were wrong. So you will lose nothing with an apology. Believe me, the reason you will lose something is because you didnt apologize in the first place.

So even though the song from OneRepublic says its too late to apologize, I do disagree with it. Its a good song, dont get me wrong. Just the whole meaning is wrong. Beacuse its never to late to apologize to someone. Even if you apologize after a few years, its still better then never. Because if nothing else, you will ease you conscience, and though that may be selfish, its still better then going around with a burdon on your shoulders. Even after year a sincer apology can mean so much to somebody. They may not forgive you for what you have done, but knowing you are sorry about it, will give them peace. Sometimes people need to know they were right, but they never get the satisfaction and it can be a bitch, to never hear the "I am sorry" from somebody. 

So few letters, but hardly even spoken. "I am sorry!". These words can change history. I firmly believe in those 8 letters. Because they give you a key to someone`s heart. They show you what kind of a person you are. Like I said, its easy to be wrong, but so hard to admit it. 

“An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” 

I speak to you, my beloved readers. If you ever feel sorry about something you have done, then say it. With head held high, say I am sorry and mean it. Because the person next to you is usually worth much more then your so called "pride". And for the sake of not losing the first, be bold, be brave and say those 3 words that people deserve to hear. 

“In this life, when you deny someone an apology,
you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.” 
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