Sunday, March 23, 2014

19.entry: Popularity - The Destroyer Of Individuality

"I never wanted to be popular. I always judged my steak on how it tastes rather then on how it looks."

As you can guess today we will discuss about the phenomenon of our society, so called popularity. Be honest and ask yourself; do you want to be popular, do you want for people to love you for how you look and how you act? I get the feeling of popularity, it feels really good and make you feel special and loved, but be careful, because what do people really love about you? Your looks or your status or how you can help them to the top of social ladder? I have a feeling that in today`s society some people have lost their moral compass and don't really care about the content of a person, but rather they care about how they look and if they would look even better together. It safe to say many of you have watched the movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan. So you know what we will talk about today. But still many of you don't quite get the point just how popularity can screw you up and makes you into some Barbie/Ken, appreciated by society, adored by men/girls, hated by girls/men, and talked about by everyone. So ask yourself again, do you want to be plastic without any real content?

They look really pretty right! And I bet they must be really popular, and that gives them power, power to change the way people act, think and look, and that is a power way to terrifying to be held by somebody who doesn't know the meaning of it. 

I knew a girl in my elementary school who was pretty. Every guy wanted to be with her and every girl wanted to be her. She was everything you can dream of, but now, now nobody knows her anymore, she has been the it girl, but the problem with being on top is that, one time you will fall back down again, and if you hurt that pretty face of yours, who is gonna love you then if you had no real character before and no brain? 

So to get to the point now. I believe popularity hurts us and our individuality, and individuality of others, because when you are popular, you set the standards for everybody else, and these standards are wrong in so many ways. They go from using drugs, alcohol, spending money (you don't have) on brands, being mean and vengeful, and being vapid. People will want to be you, so they will do things you do and I ask you kindly, to respect the power you have in you and make this world better. 

I feel its much more important to be who you are then to be something everybody will love. Because for not being who you are, you let that part of you die and while you are popular you wont care, but when the looks fade and all that's left is an empty head and dark heart, ask yourself, who is gonna stand by your side then?
I see so many young people, who are so talented but they are afraid to be who they are because its not hip at the moment and because they are afraid of what others will say and think, and it makes me sad that people have to live in such a toxic environment. But that's all our fault. We give others power to control us, we make them popular. Because you can be king but you still need a crowd to listen to you and to obey you. 
So I want to empower you, it doesn't matter if you are popular or not. What matters is, the people who love you for you and your capabilities and your soul and character. Be the good person, the one people can look up to and inspire them everyday to be better, to help each other, not to put people down. Don't tease the weak, don't bully the helpless, rather stand by them and help them up, and people will see you and follow your lead. That's a true leader, a true popularity, a true character. Because imagine if the roles were reversed, and you were the one on the ground, would you love to be kicked or would you rather be picked up and helped. Every time you insult somebody in school or anywhere, just think, what if it would be me? 
Be a strong individual and stand by your values and norms and by your character. Because those who don't stand for anything will fall for everything. 

I get the bullying in schools is a real problem, and popularity of some individuals just helps to ignite the fire. Be the smart person and put out the fire and stop all the violence. If you have to be popular at least be good at it and help others!

I know I cant make you change yourself, but maybe at least you will think next time, before you give orders to your minions to destroy somebody! 

And a warning: Popularity will fade one day, your knowledge and character on the other hand wont, so invest in long term prospects and make the best of this life, because we only get one.

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