Friday, January 31, 2014

17.entry: I Would Rather Go (Half) Naked Than Wear REAL Fur!

¨Hello lovely readers,

"When you love something, set it free!"

On all the pictures of me, I am wearing a FAKE fur vest and FAKE fur hat from H&M, to show you, that you can look good in Fakes! 

So today I decided to spice things up a bit. Because my passion for animals overgrows my passion for fashion I have decided to dedicate this blog post to animals, where I believe we should not kill animals for fur, especially if the animal is endangered! I know PETA is a major activists group that fights against animal killing, but my view is a bit different from where they stand. I believe in the circle of life. One must die for the other to survive. It has always been like that, and it will go on like this for thousands and thousands of years, if we, humans, don't kill everything that moves of course.

So first let me say that I eat meat and I feel we can kill animals for our own survival and we should use everything that animals offer us, their meat, skin, bones and so on. But I am highly against torturing animals for fur. Because they skin live animals and throw them on a pile of alive skinned animals, where they slowly die in a painful way. This is what inspired my against fur campaign. The way this animals are killed is inhumane and disturbing.

The most disturbing fact is that we are to be blamed for the highest number of animal extinction. So lets stop killing endangered animals for their beautiful fur, because it will never look as good on us as it does on them. We have to draw line at some point, and for me is torturing animals for fashion. If you cant find beauty in your own skin, then for sure you wont in someone else's. I know we wear leather and other stuff made from animals, but like H&M, I have the policy, if you are gonna kill the cow, eat the meat and use the skin for leather, that's survival.

So instead of wearing REAL fur, wear FAKE fur, it looks as good and nobody gets to die slowly and painful death for it.

Here is a short video where Eva Mendes, a spokesperson for Peta, tells how animals are cruelly caught and killed for fur and then tossed aside! I get chills when I see these videos. How can we allow this to happen on Earth, the inhumane killing and torturing poor animals who are defenceless against human`s cruelty. That is what I wanna do, I want to speak for them, for the poor animals, who cant say what bothers them, they can only show what they feel with their behaviour. And we, "the superior beings", think we can just go around killing them for our own fun and enjoyment. This is so wrong. How can we think we are superior beings when we cant event adopt to live with each other, and animals have adopted to live in environments so difficult, it would kill us in seconds. I know we are smart, but lets not use our intelligence for the destruction of the nature.

So I believe we should stop this useless animal killings and rather start to understand them and try to live with them. And let them be. especially all the tigers, minx, lions, wolfs, foxes, leopards, jaguars who are being hunted for their amazing fur. And lets not forget about snakes and crocodiles. I believe we have became so intelligent that we can produce fur and leather that looks as it were real, so why would you still want to buy a real one? Think of all the pain animals are in when your fur coat is being made. Don't be associate to a murder. Don't support fur business! Don't buy real fur! If you do, even more beautiful animals are going to be killed because you want to feel good in somebody else's fur. It is just not fair. We have the power to destroy, but also we have the power to save the world. Nobody else will, but we, humans. We have the gun power and all other kinds of weapons that can overrule even an elephant, but that doesn't give us the right to use it. Think about that. Who are we, to be the judge on who lives and who dies? What gives us the power to go around killing everything! Lets not be the reason of destruction of everything that is beautiful.

So save the world and wear fake fur and feel good in your own skin. Because that is the only way you will be happy. Say no to murder! Say yes to animals! Sadly we make the choices of who dies and who lives, so be smart and “Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.”!!

I can state I do not support animal torture and wasteful killing and I will fight for the animals rights, so we can coexist. So my children, and my children`s children will get to see alive tigers and leopards in the wild. Remember we have the power to destroy, but also the power to heal! So on which side do you want to be in the history of the world? The one that will destroy or heal our planet? Think again! 

Stay happy and wear Fake fur!

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