Wednesday, January 29, 2014

16.entry: This year it is all about balance: Yin and Yang

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you all had a great New Year party, I know I did. It was so much fun. And now I am ready to conquer the year 2014. For the beginning I made a vision board. If you don't know what that is, let me illuminate you. At the first it is a white board on which you put pictures and quotes and all that stuff that motivates you. So when you look at it, you know what you want and you go out and get it. It is all about focus my dears. This year I have decided to step up my game with the blog writing so on this blog you should expect 2 posts a month and on the other, the new one:keep it classy, I will post everyday.

So why have I decided to start a new blog. Simply because I am divided in two parts. The good and the bad, the dark and the light, the Yin and the Yang. This blog is more inspirational and motivational an the other one is just my everyday thoughts and activities. I know I am torn in two parts, but I have found that to be a good thing. One part wants me to live in a big city and have a killer job, and the other one wants me to live on the country side and have a farm and just chill. So which one do you chose? Well I settled for both of them, because together they complete who I am, and each part brings something else to the table. Sometimes one is dominant and then the other one is. Just like that. But if you learn to control them you achieve balance, you achieve happiness. I think that makes sense. If you ask yourself, what defines you? What makes you, you? ( That will be the topic of the next blog probably so lets not get into to deep here ok).

So the Yin and the Yang. It comes from Chinese culture, which I simply adore. They have it all figured out. I wish to travel there someday. And I will, I am sure of it. But back to the balance. What we see here, is that there is not only black or white, but they are both intertwined, there is always some good in the bad and some bad in the good. Just like we are. We are both good and bad. We are defined with our acts and our words. There is this on going battle, some people say it is our actions that define us, some say it is our words that have the most power. Well darlings, it is both. It is what we do and what we say that puts us in the balance and makes us who we are.

I know I have already written a post about the darkness inside od us, but this one talks about accepting the both and finding your balance and your place in the world. Like in this song from Mulan 2 the movie. One alone is not enough, you need both together!

So this year is about finding that balance between both sides of us. And please dont tell me that you always know what you want, we are all humans, we are ruled by our heart and by our mind, and sometimes we need to chose between those forces, but it is better to find the balance! So go out into the world and find the balance between the things that tear you apart. Be both, be the Yin and Yang. It is doable, I promise you.

“Accept your dark side, understanding it will help you to move with the light. Knowing both sides of our souls, helps us all to move forward in life and to understand that, perfection doesn't exist.” 

Yin and Yang
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