Wednesday, July 23, 2014

23.entry: A Slap in the Face

"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies."

Ok so it has been a while. And I am writing again, more pissed then ever. Well just lately I have been involved in so many situations where I had been slapped in the face, figuratively.
I don't get it. What on earth am I doing wrong?
So I have been working my ass off at home and everywhere basically. I always put my heart, my soul and my body into everything I do. And call me stupid, but sometimes I expect something in return. I expect the people closest to me, would to do the same for me as I do for them. But as of lately I have noticed that's not the case. All I get in return is a slap in the face and a fuck you. Am I expecting to much? Should I really get on terms with the fact that I am alone in this world and that at the end of the day I am the only person who would do anything, everything for me? I don't want that to be the reality. Honestly I still have too much hope in humanity to believe there is nobody who would give back to me, what I give out. 

Karma is the ultimate bitch here I would say. They always say, if you do good, good will come to you. Well no offense life, but I am still waiting for that good to come. At least a hint hint wouldn't hurt. Anyways I had to complain about that, It just sucks, sometimes. That people closest to you, can hurt you the most. I mean, I wanna say, if they are the closest ones, why would they wanna hurt you at all. And even when you tell them, its like whatever. I mean how can you go from there. Who do you have to become? What do you have to change inside to survive and thrive?
Honestly, sometimes I just wanna fold up and stop. And stop thinking and move somewhere and start a new. That's all. I am done for the day.

So to learn from what I have experienced. Even when times get dark and hard. Know that there are people for you, sometimes you just need to reach out and somebody will be there to catch you. If not, you can catch yourself. You are your own biggest fan anyway, and you are the one who will lose to much. So keep on being the better person. I will keep on going and I will keep on doing what I do, at 150%. I just need to believe someday, sometimes, a person will notice and will be willing to do the same for me.

Friday, May 23, 2014

22.entry: Its Not Too Late To Apologize

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Apology is a virtue, that not many posses, if I may be so bold. Its a fine art of expressing how you feel and of admitting your mistakes. For that a person must be proud and strong. Not everybody is capable of admitting their faults for the sake of admitting them and exposing their soul. 

In our short lives, we have all made mistakes. Big ones and small ones. We have hurt people we loved, we have made them angry by things we have said, or things we haven't said. For leveling the field and calming the opponent, one must apologize and admit thing he or she has done wrong. 

People find it hard to apologize for things they have done, because they believe they will lose their power and pride. But pride is a funny thing, it can be so amazing at times, and gives us dignity and can make us hold that head high in the clouds. But also it can be a wall, a wall we build around ourselves so others cant see our emotions and our faults. It is OK to be flawed, its okay to have emotions. And I don't mean you have to show them to everybody, just to those you care about. Be careful of your pride, and of what it can make you do or don't do. And by apologizing to people, you show them you care about them, you put their needs in front of yours, and in my opinion that's the strongest a person can be. To do something for others, knowing you might not gain nothing from it. So apologizing is necessary when it comes to relationships. You have to know when to apologize and how to do it. The whole act of apologizing wont lower your image in somebody else's eyes, but the fact you didn't apologize when you should, that will hurt your image and your relationship. So think of others and do what is right. Swallow the thing you call pride and spit out that apology!

Once I heard this quote, saying that you should never apologize, since this is a sign of weakness. I cannot more disagree with this bullshit. Only by knowing your weaknesses you will be strong. And to know when you have wronged somebody and to apologize, is certainly not a weakness, it can only mean you can look past your needs and serve other`s instead. Its the most admirable thing a person can do to somebody he or she has wronged. So whenever somebody says you should not apologize, punch them in their face, and say you are sorry. 

To apologize you must have a sense of guilt. Or simply do it because you know it is the right thing to do. Because some people dont feel gulit, or they mask the feelings of guilt with pride. But by admiting you were wrong, you will show people not only your weaknesses, but also your strenghts. They will admire you for being so brave to admit you were wrong. So you will lose nothing with an apology. Believe me, the reason you will lose something is because you didnt apologize in the first place.

So even though the song from OneRepublic says its too late to apologize, I do disagree with it. Its a good song, dont get me wrong. Just the whole meaning is wrong. Beacuse its never to late to apologize to someone. Even if you apologize after a few years, its still better then never. Because if nothing else, you will ease you conscience, and though that may be selfish, its still better then going around with a burdon on your shoulders. Even after year a sincer apology can mean so much to somebody. They may not forgive you for what you have done, but knowing you are sorry about it, will give them peace. Sometimes people need to know they were right, but they never get the satisfaction and it can be a bitch, to never hear the "I am sorry" from somebody. 

So few letters, but hardly even spoken. "I am sorry!". These words can change history. I firmly believe in those 8 letters. Because they give you a key to someone`s heart. They show you what kind of a person you are. Like I said, its easy to be wrong, but so hard to admit it. 

“An apology is the super glue of life. It can repair just about anything.” 

I speak to you, my beloved readers. If you ever feel sorry about something you have done, then say it. With head held high, say I am sorry and mean it. Because the person next to you is usually worth much more then your so called "pride". And for the sake of not losing the first, be bold, be brave and say those 3 words that people deserve to hear. 

“In this life, when you deny someone an apology,
you will remember it at time you beg forgiveness.” 

Friday, May 2, 2014

21.entry: Life is short, you are capable! (declutter your life)

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” 

Bonjour peeps,

I am back with new amazing spring energy and I cant wait to type up this post and publish it. So lately I have been super busy with school and other stuff. Lets just say I grew a lot as a person in the last few weeks, things changed, for the better, and I am ready for the spring/summer season of 2014. Why? Because life is pretty good, no matter what happens, I know that if I fall down I will get back up again.

As I said, spring is here, and yes technically it started more then a month ago, but now I can actually feel it and smell it in the air. Aren't you just pumped up with all the energy that is around us? Spring is a time when nature awakens itself from a deep winter slumber and everything comes to life again, and so do we. Maybe we have been a little bit asleep in the winter, but its time to wake up and start enjoying the good days ahead of us, because we get so few of those. First what you need to do is declutter your life. It really helps, I promise! I just did it, this week. I threw away all the clothes and stuff I don't need anymore and my room and I, we can breath again. When we throw things away, we take control of our own life and we show to ourselves we are not is possession of material things, but we posses them. They say, we should never get to attached to material things, I partly agree with this, but on the other hand we live in the kind of world where we need things to survive and if on the way you develop some feelings for some stuff you have that's not so bad, just remember that people are, what you should focus your feelings on. Anyways, throw away things you don't need and breath in the fresh air of spring and start a new and amazing chapter in your life, because as I will discuss shortly, everything is possible. 

And we have come to the main part of today's blog. You are amazing and capable of anything. We sometimes, at least I, forget that anything is possible if you work hard and think positive. I hate to wait around for things to happen to me and I don't want to be around people who are just waiting for something great to happen to them, because with their negative energy they are sort of sucking your good energy out of your. As harsh as it sounds and it may be hard, but I suggest you think again about who you want in your life and who you don't want. Who makes you better and who makes you worse? Do what needs to be done, and let go of all the people who are holding you down and making you stay at the same place for the rest of your life. Because friends and people you know are suppose to challenge you to be greater, to be better, and when you succeed, they will be there to cheer you on. So as far as decluttering goes, get rid of all the things that make you be less then you actually are. Be brave, be bold and be smart. Make a change. Just by sitting at home you wont accomplish anything. 

                                           (motivational song number 1: Glee - pumpin` blood)

Now we have seen what good spring brings, but just raw energy is not enough to succeed. You need to channel it. Channel it through you and through your mind and make something of it. This also goes for me. I am not perfect, obviously, but this post is really self motivational in a way. Because even I sometimes get caught in life and things and I forget to breath, I forget to dream, to inspire myself, to be at my best. But as I said I full of energy, full of motivation to be better, to make something of myself. I dare you to make a plan of what you want in life and go out and get it. Because only by doing so, you will get there, things wont just happen for you, people wont hand you things. You need to get up, and go take what you want. 

                                             (motivational song number 2: Iggy Azalea - Work)

But before all that, you need to take a second and believe in yourself. Find what you are good at and focus all your energy into it. Find the thing that makes you better, and just put all of yourself into it. Because as there are rules of nature, there are no rules to human imagination and possibilities our mind can bring to us. I sometimes get trapped in the vortex of negative thoughts that are trying to convince me I am not good enough. That I don't know enough to do what I want, that I am not capable of doing it right. And its true. But that does not mean you should give up. No, you should put positive thoughts into your mind and do things your own way, because we do know better, we are capable of doing things right by us and doing them our way, and who says that's not enough. The moment you put your everything into it, it should be enough and it should work. That is exactly what I will be working on from now on. Putting all of my time and energy into something I would love to do in the future. 

                                 (motivational song number 3: Gwen Stefani - What are you waiting for?)

Now get up and start your life, because the world goes on, and its up to you, if you go along with it or stay behind. You are the creator of your future and you have the power to succeed and nobody can bring you down as long as you give them all of you. 

"The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty."
If you shine to bright just put on some sunglasses!

Friday, March 28, 2014

20.entry: Here`s To Us! Letting It All Go.

Life is a constant battle! We win some, we lose some. The prize is simple: Happiness!


In today`s blog post I would like to just stop for a second and express my gratitude towards everyone I have ever known and everything that has happened to me. 

Like I said, life is a constant battle, and no matter how good you are, you have your allies and your enemies. They will ether help you win or set you a trap, but the funny thing is, you can never be 100% sure, who will put a bomb under your feet, a friend or a foe. Anyways I am not here today to talk about war strategy and battle operations. I am here simply to say thanks to everybody who has put me down in life, who betrayed me and who loved me and cared for me. Because no matter the good or the bad, it made me who I am today, and I love it, I simply love who I am and where I am heading. 

And also by acknowledging every bad thing, all the bullies that hurt me through life and all the friends who put a knife in my back, also I am letting it all go. I am freeing myself from all the hurt and the pain you have caused me. I love my hurt and pain, really I do, it was such a motivation for me, and it will keep me going for so long. But I don't need it anymore. I am done being the underdog, the one who was too afraid to stand up to his enemies and to his friends. I mean I have done being underdog a while ago, I am just writing about it know. 

So I hope I have you hooked now, because there is so much I have to say. I believe we all have old scars that we see in the mirror or feel on our soul. We all carry scars, inside and out. But that's the charm of it, we try to cover them up to look perfect, but under all that we are cracked up like a broken Chinese vase. So what I suggest is, we fix them, we show them proud and just let them heal. We all have regrets, things we wished we did different, but now is not the time to think about that. Now its time to enjoy the present and look forward to future. They always say, let the past be your teacher. But what they forget to say is that you have to let it go as well, to be happy. I am all up for learning from mistakes, but if you are gonna remember only the bad things, you will never move forward. You will be stuck, cooked up on some bullshit that happened 15 years ago. Well, don't! Its not worth it. You are who you are, that's final. Now lets build up from here. 

You know, when I was little I was playing with Lego`s a lot, and if I messed up something I was building, I just tore it all down and started from scratch. Yeah it might have taken me a while, but the castle that was built at the end, was so much better and the foundation was strong. The messed up one, could have looked pretty, but the insides would hurt. So don't be a pretty castle, with messed up bricks. I hope you got where I am going with this story. The point is, you can always start from scratch, no matter what has happened to you in past, you can always turn it around. You can rebuild yourself from the first brick. 

So a lot of bad things happened to me, but they had to everybody. Every single one of you who is reading my blog has some unfinished business, some troubles or enemies from the past. Just thinking about it can hurt you, right? Well think about it again, and say to yourself: "I accept my past, I accept whatever happened to me and I am fucking letting it go. I am happy now. (We are still talking). I am thankful to everybody who I have met, friends who loved me, enemies that made me stronger, because I am still standing: And I am standing proud. I give my love to everyone and I accept your love. I love myself."

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanND, Its gone!

You have cleansed yourself of all the bad energy. My work here is done! 

Now I am just kidding I am not going anywhere, I will be here to guide you and tell you all about how we will change the world for better. Because it starts with us, inside, like a little flicker of a flame. Now light it up and lets make the world a better place for ourselves and our friends and those who will come after us. 

And for the end I would just like to share this song with you. Yeah its Glee again, go figure right. For me its about letting it go. I will raise my glass (with whiskey) and I drink to all of you, who I have ever known, who made me who I am, and let me thank you again. And I do wish you all well. We might never meet again, and maybe its for the better, but sometime in my past you have changed me and helped me become the person I am today and I am truly grateful. Cheers mates. Here`s to us!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

19.entry: Popularity - The Destroyer Of Individuality

"I never wanted to be popular. I always judged my steak on how it tastes rather then on how it looks."

As you can guess today we will discuss about the phenomenon of our society, so called popularity. Be honest and ask yourself; do you want to be popular, do you want for people to love you for how you look and how you act? I get the feeling of popularity, it feels really good and make you feel special and loved, but be careful, because what do people really love about you? Your looks or your status or how you can help them to the top of social ladder? I have a feeling that in today`s society some people have lost their moral compass and don't really care about the content of a person, but rather they care about how they look and if they would look even better together. It safe to say many of you have watched the movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan. So you know what we will talk about today. But still many of you don't quite get the point just how popularity can screw you up and makes you into some Barbie/Ken, appreciated by society, adored by men/girls, hated by girls/men, and talked about by everyone. So ask yourself again, do you want to be plastic without any real content?

They look really pretty right! And I bet they must be really popular, and that gives them power, power to change the way people act, think and look, and that is a power way to terrifying to be held by somebody who doesn't know the meaning of it. 

I knew a girl in my elementary school who was pretty. Every guy wanted to be with her and every girl wanted to be her. She was everything you can dream of, but now, now nobody knows her anymore, she has been the it girl, but the problem with being on top is that, one time you will fall back down again, and if you hurt that pretty face of yours, who is gonna love you then if you had no real character before and no brain? 

So to get to the point now. I believe popularity hurts us and our individuality, and individuality of others, because when you are popular, you set the standards for everybody else, and these standards are wrong in so many ways. They go from using drugs, alcohol, spending money (you don't have) on brands, being mean and vengeful, and being vapid. People will want to be you, so they will do things you do and I ask you kindly, to respect the power you have in you and make this world better. 

I feel its much more important to be who you are then to be something everybody will love. Because for not being who you are, you let that part of you die and while you are popular you wont care, but when the looks fade and all that's left is an empty head and dark heart, ask yourself, who is gonna stand by your side then?
I see so many young people, who are so talented but they are afraid to be who they are because its not hip at the moment and because they are afraid of what others will say and think, and it makes me sad that people have to live in such a toxic environment. But that's all our fault. We give others power to control us, we make them popular. Because you can be king but you still need a crowd to listen to you and to obey you. 
So I want to empower you, it doesn't matter if you are popular or not. What matters is, the people who love you for you and your capabilities and your soul and character. Be the good person, the one people can look up to and inspire them everyday to be better, to help each other, not to put people down. Don't tease the weak, don't bully the helpless, rather stand by them and help them up, and people will see you and follow your lead. That's a true leader, a true popularity, a true character. Because imagine if the roles were reversed, and you were the one on the ground, would you love to be kicked or would you rather be picked up and helped. Every time you insult somebody in school or anywhere, just think, what if it would be me? 
Be a strong individual and stand by your values and norms and by your character. Because those who don't stand for anything will fall for everything. 

I get the bullying in schools is a real problem, and popularity of some individuals just helps to ignite the fire. Be the smart person and put out the fire and stop all the violence. If you have to be popular at least be good at it and help others!

I know I cant make you change yourself, but maybe at least you will think next time, before you give orders to your minions to destroy somebody! 

And a warning: Popularity will fade one day, your knowledge and character on the other hand wont, so invest in long term prospects and make the best of this life, because we only get one.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

18.entry: Traveling to the Ends of the World (Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer)

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

Hello dear readers,

So I am back from my holidays, which gave me an inspiration to write a blog about traveling. I am quite fond of traveling, actually, to be honest, I wanna travel the whole wide world someday. I just need to get away sometimes and go to some unknown country and get lost in the crowds of people or in the nature and be away from everywhere I know. Because only by spreading out your wings we can learn to fly. 


I have been traveling since I was little, I always liked to wonder around and find new places. I still remember the first time I was on a plane. I was 7 years old we were departing for Turkey and I was crying my eyes out and screaming that the plane will fall down and we will all die, well that didn't happen, but I got a tiger doll out of it, which of course I still have. That was my first real travel adventure and since then I have seen quite a few places, but still there is so much out there where my heart wants to go. In high school I have started to travel on my own, without parents and I have built up on my independence. Soon I wanted to go further and further away. So now my big plan is to go study in Australia for a semester.

         Pre dinner in Setubal (Portugal)

                                                         The making of Argan oil (Marrakech)

So why is traveling so good? Because it broadens your mind and opens your soul. You get to see and feel everything they thought you in school. I mean school is fine, it gives you knowledge, but traveling really opens your eyes and mind. You get to find yourself while traveling, you can do everything. I know sometimes it can be scary to venture off on your own, but only like that you get to meet new people and discover new culture. It is just absolutely fascinating what wonders are hidden outside our house and behind borders of your imagination. Like I said I have seen quite a lot of Europe already and I have been to north Africa and USA, but that is hardly a little piece of the puzzle of our world. 

                                          Cabo di Roca - where land stops and sea begins

If you ever have an option to go traveling, please for your sake, go! Lose yourself in the world around you and wonder off into unknown, because by doing so you will change into a better person, you will see the good and the bad that the other cultures have to offer. And you will grow as a person. If I look at myself now and how I was a few years ago I can surely say I have changed a lot and I believe traveling had something to do with that. Because only by leaving behind everything you know you can really get to be on your own and reflect on yourself. 

                                                                      Marrakech (Marocco)

I know you have all probably heard all the horrible stories on what has happened to people when they were traveling and mostly they are true . Bad things can happen to you if you are traveling, but so can they happen if you are crossing the street in your home town and a reckless driver hits you. But you must not let the bad things slow you down. Just recently I have been in Portugal and while I was there I rented a car. And one day I decided to go to this city just outside Lisbon and I left the car on the secured parking lot and when I returned to the car I found out that the car had been broken into. So yeah bad things do happen, but so do the good things. And at the end of the day I was still happy because well they didn't take anything of much importance and things like that happen, so it is useless to obsess about them. And you know one good thing about traveling is you can always return back home to your family and friends and tell them all about your journey and enlighten them about what you have experienced.

So have I convinced you to buy a plane ticket? Well I hope so, because we only have one life to live, and it would be a waste if we wouldnt travel as much as we can. 

                                                              Pena National Palace (Portugal)

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” 

"We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves. Pico Iyer"

So last words of wisdom: Travel as much as you can, but remember to always know where you came from!

P.s.: All the pictures are from my trip to Portugal and Morocco.

Friday, January 31, 2014

17.entry: I Would Rather Go (Half) Naked Than Wear REAL Fur!

¨Hello lovely readers,

"When you love something, set it free!"

On all the pictures of me, I am wearing a FAKE fur vest and FAKE fur hat from H&M, to show you, that you can look good in Fakes! 

So today I decided to spice things up a bit. Because my passion for animals overgrows my passion for fashion I have decided to dedicate this blog post to animals, where I believe we should not kill animals for fur, especially if the animal is endangered! I know PETA is a major activists group that fights against animal killing, but my view is a bit different from where they stand. I believe in the circle of life. One must die for the other to survive. It has always been like that, and it will go on like this for thousands and thousands of years, if we, humans, don't kill everything that moves of course.

So first let me say that I eat meat and I feel we can kill animals for our own survival and we should use everything that animals offer us, their meat, skin, bones and so on. But I am highly against torturing animals for fur. Because they skin live animals and throw them on a pile of alive skinned animals, where they slowly die in a painful way. This is what inspired my against fur campaign. The way this animals are killed is inhumane and disturbing.

The most disturbing fact is that we are to be blamed for the highest number of animal extinction. So lets stop killing endangered animals for their beautiful fur, because it will never look as good on us as it does on them. We have to draw line at some point, and for me is torturing animals for fashion. If you cant find beauty in your own skin, then for sure you wont in someone else's. I know we wear leather and other stuff made from animals, but like H&M, I have the policy, if you are gonna kill the cow, eat the meat and use the skin for leather, that's survival.

So instead of wearing REAL fur, wear FAKE fur, it looks as good and nobody gets to die slowly and painful death for it.

Here is a short video where Eva Mendes, a spokesperson for Peta, tells how animals are cruelly caught and killed for fur and then tossed aside! I get chills when I see these videos. How can we allow this to happen on Earth, the inhumane killing and torturing poor animals who are defenceless against human`s cruelty. That is what I wanna do, I want to speak for them, for the poor animals, who cant say what bothers them, they can only show what they feel with their behaviour. And we, "the superior beings", think we can just go around killing them for our own fun and enjoyment. This is so wrong. How can we think we are superior beings when we cant event adopt to live with each other, and animals have adopted to live in environments so difficult, it would kill us in seconds. I know we are smart, but lets not use our intelligence for the destruction of the nature.

So I believe we should stop this useless animal killings and rather start to understand them and try to live with them. And let them be. especially all the tigers, minx, lions, wolfs, foxes, leopards, jaguars who are being hunted for their amazing fur. And lets not forget about snakes and crocodiles. I believe we have became so intelligent that we can produce fur and leather that looks as it were real, so why would you still want to buy a real one? Think of all the pain animals are in when your fur coat is being made. Don't be associate to a murder. Don't support fur business! Don't buy real fur! If you do, even more beautiful animals are going to be killed because you want to feel good in somebody else's fur. It is just not fair. We have the power to destroy, but also we have the power to save the world. Nobody else will, but we, humans. We have the gun power and all other kinds of weapons that can overrule even an elephant, but that doesn't give us the right to use it. Think about that. Who are we, to be the judge on who lives and who dies? What gives us the power to go around killing everything! Lets not be the reason of destruction of everything that is beautiful.

So save the world and wear fake fur and feel good in your own skin. Because that is the only way you will be happy. Say no to murder! Say yes to animals! Sadly we make the choices of who dies and who lives, so be smart and “Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.”!!

I can state I do not support animal torture and wasteful killing and I will fight for the animals rights, so we can coexist. So my children, and my children`s children will get to see alive tigers and leopards in the wild. Remember we have the power to destroy, but also the power to heal! So on which side do you want to be in the history of the world? The one that will destroy or heal our planet? Think again! 

Stay happy and wear Fake fur!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

16.entry: This year it is all about balance: Yin and Yang

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you all had a great New Year party, I know I did. It was so much fun. And now I am ready to conquer the year 2014. For the beginning I made a vision board. If you don't know what that is, let me illuminate you. At the first it is a white board on which you put pictures and quotes and all that stuff that motivates you. So when you look at it, you know what you want and you go out and get it. It is all about focus my dears. This year I have decided to step up my game with the blog writing so on this blog you should expect 2 posts a month and on the other, the new one:keep it classy, I will post everyday.

So why have I decided to start a new blog. Simply because I am divided in two parts. The good and the bad, the dark and the light, the Yin and the Yang. This blog is more inspirational and motivational an the other one is just my everyday thoughts and activities. I know I am torn in two parts, but I have found that to be a good thing. One part wants me to live in a big city and have a killer job, and the other one wants me to live on the country side and have a farm and just chill. So which one do you chose? Well I settled for both of them, because together they complete who I am, and each part brings something else to the table. Sometimes one is dominant and then the other one is. Just like that. But if you learn to control them you achieve balance, you achieve happiness. I think that makes sense. If you ask yourself, what defines you? What makes you, you? ( That will be the topic of the next blog probably so lets not get into to deep here ok).

So the Yin and the Yang. It comes from Chinese culture, which I simply adore. They have it all figured out. I wish to travel there someday. And I will, I am sure of it. But back to the balance. What we see here, is that there is not only black or white, but they are both intertwined, there is always some good in the bad and some bad in the good. Just like we are. We are both good and bad. We are defined with our acts and our words. There is this on going battle, some people say it is our actions that define us, some say it is our words that have the most power. Well darlings, it is both. It is what we do and what we say that puts us in the balance and makes us who we are.

I know I have already written a post about the darkness inside od us, but this one talks about accepting the both and finding your balance and your place in the world. Like in this song from Mulan 2 the movie. One alone is not enough, you need both together!

So this year is about finding that balance between both sides of us. And please dont tell me that you always know what you want, we are all humans, we are ruled by our heart and by our mind, and sometimes we need to chose between those forces, but it is better to find the balance! So go out into the world and find the balance between the things that tear you apart. Be both, be the Yin and Yang. It is doable, I promise you.

“Accept your dark side, understanding it will help you to move with the light. Knowing both sides of our souls, helps us all to move forward in life and to understand that, perfection doesn't exist.” 

Yin and Yang