Saturday, October 26, 2013

11.entry: The gift of choice to be good!

"The moment we stop fighting for each other, that’s the moment we lose our humanity."

Dear readers, 

Today I will talk to you more about our freedom of choice to be good rather then being ordinary. 
So as we are stepping forward in this world we often lose a sight of who we are and what we want. This happens to me like all the time. But the one thing I try to keep constant, is to be good. And by doing so I find my way back to who I am and what I want to do with my life. Because everyday I see people who are too involved in their own world to even see what is happening around them, who is hurting and who needs our help. I have said this so many times, but some people do need our help, and we have to help them. It happens everyday when something bad happens to somebody and people just stand by, taking pictures with their phones and nobody tries to help them, because they think somebody else will. But here is the problem, who will help the unfortunate if everybody thinks like that? So we have to, not only want to help, but it is our duty to help another human being. I am not saying that everybody is like that, it just that to many think they don't need to help. 
I have to be honest with you, the motivation for today`s post is coming from me watching Man of Steel, finally! And the movie was amazing, and the whole idea behind the movie is that we have to take care of each other, and let people help us. Because there is a force inside each and everyone of us to be good, and this force is a hope for our humanity. And by being good, I don't mean just be good to people around you, but to everything there is, animals, nature, country and whole together to the world that is around you.

May this symbol reminds you of your choice to be good.

Sometimes we forget that every act we take part in, will somehow reflect on our future and we build our world day by day, and also destroy it. We think we have no impact on what is going on around us. Let me tell you that every act of kindness is a drop in the "happy" sea, and you may ask yourself, what difference does this one drop make compared to the whole sea, well sugar, sea is just a multitude of drops. And yes when you put them together the power is greater, and we all can contribute to make it even stronger. So I want to empower you to use the gift of choice you have in you, and you need to chose to be good rather then do nothing. Because fighting for each other is the fundamental to our existence, we need to be driven by the force of good and only then we shall achieve our victory. 

I hope, by know I have motivated you to be a good person. Let me tell you how you can do that, if you are new at this. First start with small things, like smiling to somebody who is having a bad day, and talk to people nicely, even though they are grumpy or not in the mood or whatever. And then when you walk around the city be aware of the world around you, and if somebody needs help, be the hand that holds them up and give them hope to go on. Here I would like to suggest other kinds, like a charity organization. I, for a fact, am a part of Rotaract organization. That is a charitable organization known all around the world that helps people in need, or the people in your local community. Rotaract is basically for anybody who is from 18-30 years old and it is a part of Rotary organization, which is meant fol older people. And we actually just opened this new club, Rotaract Kranj (that is the name of the city in which we act in) and so far we are doing amazingly. So there are many options for everybody to be the best they can be, chose whatever suits you the best and just do good. Believe me it feels amazing to be a good person, if fills you up with all the best emotions. So by helping other you also help yourself.
Here I will post a link to a facebook page of our charity Rotaract Kranj, which you can like and see what we do and maybe it will give you and idea what to do next.

And on the picture below are my friends from this Rotaract club I talk so much about, this picture was taken when we were established and started our way down the "be a good person" road. 

And for the end let me share with you a video from YouTube,where you can see how helping others can also help you and the whole circle is completed. And remember the Superman sigh = the force in us to do good, and the choice we need to make to be good. 

So everyday when you wake up put a smile on your face, and on as many other faces you can through the day, and you will go to bed with the biggest smile I promise!

Au revoir!

Friday, October 11, 2013

10.entry: New Beginning(s)

Life is our own and everyday is a new beginning and a new victory. What we have lost, wont come back if we long for it, we need to keep moving forward and start new chapters.

So my return is absolute. I have been busy, but mostly lazy. Anyways I am here again, ready to inspire all of you that read my blog. So I shall dedicate this chapter to new beginnings, which is only appropriate after my comeback. Pictures are from my road trip I did with two amazing friends through South of France.
                                        (at the "top of the world" Verdon Gorge in France)

I am super excited that school has started again, now I am doing masters at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, and I must say, so far so good. I have stopped working at the job I had, because school`s timetable gives me absolutely no room for interpretation, but it has been good for me. I have more time to focus on school and do all sorts of new activities. I do sports everyday, and my plan from January is coming together, that is, I need to get in shape!! So far I have lost 17 kg and still counting. People would say that I was never overweight, but my parents would disagree and so would I. I feel so much better now, honestly this has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I mean my weight was always going up an down like a high school girl´s emotions but that is never a good thing. So now I have it under control. I am in a good relationship with my fridge, because now it supplies me with healthy food, well occasionally chocolate falls out of it, but hey we are all human right. So to empower you all out there. It is possible, it just takes a lot of hard work and sweat and mind control. First thing you need to do is cut back on unhealthy food and then go to the gym or work at home, whatever you do is better then nothing. Here is a link to a magician of home exercise. Currently I follow the 90 day warrior programme in case you wanted to know.

                     ( at the end of the bridge that stops literally in the middle of the river in Avignon, France)

So what better way is there to start on a new beginning then with a little tale of my personal new era. Anyways we all get lost sometimes, but if you get lost, then you might find just what you need to get back on the road you were suppose to follow. New beginnings are at the horizon, I am telling you, everything is in chaos right now. The economy, politics, environment, everything is going to change and so must we. We as people need to step together and help each other. Because nevertheless we are social beings and we need presence of another, to be everything we were meant to be. All that we have lost has changed us, and we must not let the past to take control over us. We all grieve over something terrible that happened to us, it is a process of course, but one day you might want to pick yourself up because others need you, you need you, and as much as you want to cry over what you lost, you need to count all that has left. Because that is what matters now. We grieve over the people we used to be and friends we used to now, but at the end of the day that wont bring them back, neither it should. You are not that person who you were for a reason, you need to change, to evolve, to better yourself, because you need to survive. We all have somebody that has left us and we still think of them, from time to time, but lets remember them in a good way, shall we? Lets remember how much fun we had, because anything else will push us into a deep vertigo of negative thoughts, which I am sorry to say, we can not afford. You want to be a better person, a new person? Well start with happy, positive thoughts and control your mind. Because each new beginning start up there, yes up there in your brain. You start developing and before you know it you are a changed man. I mean you can also stay at the level of somebody in a high school, but i doubt it, that your boss or wife/husband will like that.
So we must all face the inevitable, we need to face the future and get ready in the present, because the sweet life ain't waiting for nobody. 

Life almost always gives you a choice, so take it in, don't do it just because you have to, do it because you want to. Let me give you an example, in school on the test you have this exercise you are dreading, and you just want to get it done and move on, well what good is that going to do? No, you must see it as a challenge and get ready for it with positive attitude, do it because you want to be good at it and you will come out the other way stronger, I promise you that. 

So everyday is a new beginning, everyday you can invent yourself into a better person. Remember, the options you have are limitless, you just need to put your mind to it. We always admire people for who they are, and we are saying we want to be like them. Well what are you waiting for? You wont be able to wish yourself into a character, you have to work hard and play hard, to get where you want to go.  So get your act together and be awesome and be better. 
now get to work bitch!


                                                                        (Saint Tropez)

Until the next time, 
With a big smile,             

“One can begin so many things with a new person! - even begin to be a better man.”