Wednesday, March 27, 2013

9.entry: Mind vs. Heart

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

We all do have it, the good and the bad side. Even though not everything is so black and white, but our heart (soul) and our mind tell a story of their own. A constant battle between two forces so strong, and each one powerful in its own way. One powered by love, good and joy, the other by reason, cold hearted facts and memories. Our mind and our heart are in a constant battle to rule the body. We are all of those 3 combined. Now which one will we listen to. Some say we are what we think we are. Some say we are what we feel we are. Which one is it then?
Either one can not rule the body on its own. So I believe we must let them both win in time to time. We have to do things our reason tells us to do, and our heart. But when it comes to a difficult situation, which one do we listen to? We are all split into two. We want something but need the other thing. we need to find balance and not be just our reason or just our feelings. But again how do we find our balance. How do we weight our heart and our mind.? I guess the best solution is that we learn from experiences, mistakes and other people.
We so desperately want to be right all the time that we let our pride take the best of us. We need to let go of the continuous need to be right and except the knowledge and emotions from others, because no matter what, to some point we are dependent on others. We need the social interact with others and their respect if nothing more. Because we can not exist on our own. Of course we can and we should provide for ourselves and be independent when it comes to basic survival.

So head or heart? It would be wonderful if both wanted to go in the same direction, but lets face it is usually not like that. So be careful what you wish for and how you decide, because the decisions we make and act on are what makes us who we are.

I have seen so many people with a brilliant mind, but so unable to connect to others because they did not posses the touch for people around them. Yeah they know a lot but how will that help you when you need somebody to care for you when you feel down and in need of human attention. If you think only with your mind, you can go a long way, but if you put your heart in process you might actually do something right for yourself and for others. 
Do not get me wrong vice-verse is the same. People who use only their heart but are as dumb as a f**k, do not get it right as well. They are as sheep who follow their leader. It is fine to be a leader of the pack if you are one with both the heart and the mind, but if your sheep are stupid what does that say about you. 

Personally I dislike people who agree with me on everything, I would rather talk to a mirror then. What do you get from someone like that, except from some attention. But really, people should really think even more before they speak. I know they say speak your mind, but they did not mean that for dumb people. 

So either mind or heart, we are on this earth together. We should try harder to listen to others, but also be listened to. We all have our own versions of the truth, so speak true and believe in yourself and be good to others. And believe me it is always nice to meet smart and caring person, though they do not usually come in the same package.

Goodbye for now,

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