Sunday, December 2, 2012

1.entry: So it has all begun!

So it has all begun!

Well for starters let me introduce myself.

Name: ANZE
Last name: ZALOKAR
Location: SLOVENIA
Age: 22 
Interests: sports, movies, music, travelling, animals, books,...

Why did I decide to start a blog? 

Well because I have so much to say about everything, and also maybe I will inspire somebody with my awesome blog to be.  And I know I am a few years to late with starting a blog, it is just there never was a time when i felt like i need to post things online and when facebook was just enough.

So some more basics about me: 

I go to University in Ljubljana, faculty of economics, and I major in management. And to be honest, I like business and everything but I don't love it, at least yet i don't. Because it is a lot to take in and a lot to consider in business and basically if you wanna start your own company you need to be inventive and for everything else you need lots of money to pay people to do things for you. So I don't know how much will i get from school, besides the paper that says that I am now educated citizen. But lets be honest here, being educated is so much more then having be done with school or a class. You don't earn people`s respect by going to a prestigious university, you gain in by showing yourself for who you are and being true to it. 
Okay so I got carried away here, more about me.

So I do sports, a lot of them. I have just taken up on horse-back riding and I must say so far so good. Then i have trained tennis for 8 years when i was a kid, and also i have license to play golf and to scuba dive. Also I play volleyball, basketball, table tennis, and so on and on. 
Also I am interested in travelling, but I will tell you more about in another chapter dedicated only to travelling. 
Then one of my passions is shopping for clothes and basically everything, so now and then i will let you in on an outfit that i believe is super cool and anybody can try out. 
Now lets conclude with this me, me, me chapter and move on to some serious things.

So first order of business!¨

I will start with some basic life quotes and also comment on them.

"Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you."

I hope this is clear like black on white, that the truth always comes out, no matter who it will take down or what will people gain by revealing it.
And here i am, telling you the truth. So be bold and be honest.

And also I need to tell you peeps that right now in Slovenia, where I am from we have a series of protests against our government and all the politicians basically. And a few days ago they organized a protest which ended violently, which brings me to my second quote:

Violence is for people with no brain and no common sense! (by me)

And I must say, this one is a smart one. Because after 4000 years of existence we should have learnt that violence brings only pain and destruction and gives us absolutely nothing good. Because who will take you seriously if you have to resort to violence and cant make a stand with power of speech, your mind and your convictions. 
So I dare all of you, to be smart and think how you can settle things not with your hands, but with your brain. You will see, people will react better to words then to punches. And also I might add, that words can sting a lot more then one slap. If you know how to chose them properly. 

Anyhow I believe in making a stand, but only with having the courage of your own convictions and also for this convictions to be presented properly.

So this has been fun. Writting my first blog entry. =D
Anyway if anyboday will happen to read this, please leave a comment and let me know what you think. 
And I will do my part of posting regularly.

So GoodBye for now. 

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