Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3.entry: It is easy to be fearless when there is nothing at stake!

 It is easy to be fearless when there is nothing at stake! ( by Anze Zalokar)

So as you can see my topic for today`s blog will be fearless or rather fear.

You know that feeling that overflows you when you are standing at the edge of the cliff? Or just before you step into the classroom for your exam, or in a zoo when you see a snake. Yeah that feeling is fear, and it consumes every nerve of our body. I am pretty sure everybody on this earth has felt it at some point in life. Of course it means different things to different people but it makes us do or not do crazy things.

I have faced fear while horse-back riding, because of all the falling down and well cuz horses are big and strong animals. =D But my point is that it made me quit riding cuz i did not feel the happiness anymore and the fear was too strong for me to enjoy the moments there. And well as much as fear can be a bad thing it can also push you to do a right thing. What matters is that we must see beyond our fear and get a grip on what really gets us going, what brings us happiness. Cuz as much as I love(d) riding the fear of falling down was too constant for me to get anything good from it.
So by facing my emotions and admitting that I was afraid I have found courage to do the right thing.

And that I think is important, that even though fear can make us feel numb and afraid, it can also makes us look into things more carefully and more truthfully, so we can see what really is important. We own it to ourselves to do right by us, no matter how much we might want something, if we don't enjoy in it, well i guess there is something wrong then.

Scared face :O

And I don't buy all that fearless bull****  because well like I wrote in the title it is easy to be fearless when there is nothing at stake. And it is so true. I mean, imagine how easy would it be to play poker with someone else's money and bet even on a bad hand. Because sure you are not so afraid when you have nothing to lose, but when there is your money in the game you will be afraid you will lose it and so you will play more carefully. And that is good, because fear makes you rethink your decisions and you might learn something new second time through and all because you were a little afraid.

And while I am here praising fear as a good thing, well it can also be a bad kind of trigger. Fear can also stop you from doing certain things you might enjoy, but haven't tried them yet, so it can be a show stopper.
You can learn to control fear and use it as a fuel to progress and learn from it. So fear can be present in all forms and it is formed in our brains so only WE can make it go away and confront it. Yeah people can help us get there, but in the end it is us who has to face the fear, grab it by its horns and let go. Fear is such a powerful feeling, it can literally makes us go insane. So never underestimate its power. Like they say: you can not make people love you, but you can make them fear you. And well another bad example of using fear is as a weapon against other people. So yeah fear is a pretty scary thing.

In the end I would like to say that I truly believe that we can overcome fears but do not forget that you can learn from your fears and that only by knowing and admitting your weaknesses you can be strong. So don't go around scaring people for nothing. Absence of fear does not mean you are strong, maybe stupid but not strong. 
So be smart, confront your fears and I will let you know on a little secret. Another thing that is super useful against fear is....SMILE.!

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