Monday, December 10, 2012

2.entry: Life is nothing but ups and downs.

 Life is nothing but ups and downs. One hell of a ride.

So i am continuing on my journey of writing a blog.
My life has been quite rocky this past week, i literally fell of a horse and dislocated my shoulder which was not a pleasant experience, but it was experience nevertheless.
So in this chapter I wanna give importance to life's route and how everything we do and think has an impact on our and other's people lives.

We might believe that what we do and decide has no impact and it may seem just a drop in the ocean. But what is an ocean other then just a multitude of drops. So we must not take our decisions so lightly. And we must face problems that head in our way. Only by confronting our differences we will grow and learn, and by solving problems we will learn to accept.

What i am trying to say here is that we should never give up, especially on ourselves. There is one quote that has stuck with me: "this is how you survive the trauma: not by knowing it will be alright but by having no other choice."
And often i see people give up just because well things get hard for a change, well that time you have to say to yourself that you can do anything and achieve whatever you like, because moments like this define who we are and give our life a purpose and something to talk about if nothing else. :) also we need to learn how to get back up again when we fall. I had times in my life when nothing could bring me to feel joy and then you have 2 options. Either you feel sorry for yourself or you change the way you think and you get back up and enjoy in life. And I did, i got back up and then eventually you will fall again but this time you already now how to stumble on your feet again.

Some people give so little credit to the power of the mind, but once you access its power it is magnificent what a single thought can do or change. I recommend to anybody who hasn't done it yet - read the book: THE SECRET. You don't need to believe everything that is written there but maybe it will make you to try out and you will see the difference.

So about this ups and downs. Well like you all have experienced we face all sort of obstacles along the way. Some people call them troubles, others call them errands and others well just simply life. I mean what would life be, if there wouldn't be a bump in the road and a stop-by just a few hundred meters away. This is the secret of life, you take what you get and make the most of it.
So don't be afraid to drive slower and just enjoy the ride and stop once in a while.

So to conclude this chapter of life and its secret:
Be bold and try new things, live your life to its fullest and just ride.

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