Thursday, December 27, 2012

4.entry: Fashion is good for the soul!

Appearance matters: Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

So today`s topic is an important part of our everyday life. We all get dressed up in the morning for the day ahead of us, but then some of us dress for success and to impress and some well they do put their clothes on but they don`t express themselves and make an effort to look their best. If you have watched a movie Devil Wears Prada or TV show Ugly Betty you will know what I am talking about.
I mean I am not talking about Prada, LV or Chanel, you can look as good in Zara`s or H&M`s clothes. It is just when you are shopping you have to think while doing it and have a little sense of style. But come on everybody can learn. Dressing is art, you use you senses to make something amazing from the pieces you are given and you try to express something with that. But don't be nervous now if you do not have the sense of style, everybody can learn, you just need to make the effort. For example:

                        Before                                                                                          After

I know this is an extreme make-over but in time she has learnt how to combine colours and patterns and so on ( I know it is only a TV show, but it happens to everybody).

I will say it even if it makes my shallow (like my English teacher said in high school), APPEARANCE MATTERS!. And damn I am right. For example, 2 people come to a business interview and they have the same references and same qualities, but the first one is dressed in a business suit, pitch black with white dress shirt and lets say black tie and the second one is wearing a hoodie sweater and jeans trousers. Who would you choose to be your head of sales department? 
Lets have some pictures for you to have the visual effect as well!


So?? Who would you chose? 
I am not going to deny there are examples, but in general if someone is well dresses, it shows he is organized and has things under control then somebody who is dressed down and shows that he is neglecting the appearance. 
I need to mention that, we all prefer different things, but overall if we are doing something for greater good, it is sometimes good to put our own feelings aside and act on people`s appearance if it comes down to that.

Fashion is, no matter what you say, one of the biggest industries in the world and it literally touches everybody and everything around us. So do not be a fool and neglect its power and I suggest that you look into your closet and decide, would you rather look stylish and beautiful today, or do you want to hide behind your way-to-big jeans, a hoodie sweater and running shoes?

I will tell you my life story about this topic. In elementary school I did not care what I was wearing, I literally was that person with sporty hoodie and jeans that did not fit me that well. Also my mother was buying stuff for me and in the morning I put on whatever i had grabbed first and I looked quite ridiculous. I also got comments about my non existent style and my haircut that was left unattended after waking up from bed, and  everything got me thinking and left me insecure and non independent and literally I felt like I am worthless. And then high school came, time for big changes, time to re-invent myself. I started going shopping myself and learning about the world around me, it was a long learning process but hey I came out stronger and now for a fact I can say that I do have an amazing style, I figured out some things and now I know what I want and what I need. I feel much more secure, independent, and I feel like I am on top of the world. That is why I can say that Fashion is good for the soul, because it can help you get stronger and makes you feel so much better about yourself.

So with this story I wanna show you that it is never too late to start learning about fashion and style. But you need to get your priorities straight and figure out what style suits you best, and for that you might need some time and experimenting, OH one important thing: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY!!! Just look at Lady Gaga I mean she wears a meat dress which is now in the museum, if that is not an achievement then call me out. 

And this story brings me to my closing argument: We make a statement with clothes that we wear, and so in the morning when you are looking yourself in the mirror think about how you feel and what will make you look beautiful, and then dress up to your feelings and yourself. You dress for yourself and also for others to see who you are and what you stand for. I will try to never say that there are ugly and unattractive people, but I for sure can say that not all look their best and there is always room for improvement if you just dare to dream, feel and express. 

And for the soul ending, I wish you all happy holidays and happy new year. 
Love you all, 

                                                           Everybody can feel like a model! ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3.entry: It is easy to be fearless when there is nothing at stake!

 It is easy to be fearless when there is nothing at stake! ( by Anze Zalokar)

So as you can see my topic for today`s blog will be fearless or rather fear.

You know that feeling that overflows you when you are standing at the edge of the cliff? Or just before you step into the classroom for your exam, or in a zoo when you see a snake. Yeah that feeling is fear, and it consumes every nerve of our body. I am pretty sure everybody on this earth has felt it at some point in life. Of course it means different things to different people but it makes us do or not do crazy things.

I have faced fear while horse-back riding, because of all the falling down and well cuz horses are big and strong animals. =D But my point is that it made me quit riding cuz i did not feel the happiness anymore and the fear was too strong for me to enjoy the moments there. And well as much as fear can be a bad thing it can also push you to do a right thing. What matters is that we must see beyond our fear and get a grip on what really gets us going, what brings us happiness. Cuz as much as I love(d) riding the fear of falling down was too constant for me to get anything good from it.
So by facing my emotions and admitting that I was afraid I have found courage to do the right thing.

And that I think is important, that even though fear can make us feel numb and afraid, it can also makes us look into things more carefully and more truthfully, so we can see what really is important. We own it to ourselves to do right by us, no matter how much we might want something, if we don't enjoy in it, well i guess there is something wrong then.

Scared face :O

And I don't buy all that fearless bull****  because well like I wrote in the title it is easy to be fearless when there is nothing at stake. And it is so true. I mean, imagine how easy would it be to play poker with someone else's money and bet even on a bad hand. Because sure you are not so afraid when you have nothing to lose, but when there is your money in the game you will be afraid you will lose it and so you will play more carefully. And that is good, because fear makes you rethink your decisions and you might learn something new second time through and all because you were a little afraid.

And while I am here praising fear as a good thing, well it can also be a bad kind of trigger. Fear can also stop you from doing certain things you might enjoy, but haven't tried them yet, so it can be a show stopper.
You can learn to control fear and use it as a fuel to progress and learn from it. So fear can be present in all forms and it is formed in our brains so only WE can make it go away and confront it. Yeah people can help us get there, but in the end it is us who has to face the fear, grab it by its horns and let go. Fear is such a powerful feeling, it can literally makes us go insane. So never underestimate its power. Like they say: you can not make people love you, but you can make them fear you. And well another bad example of using fear is as a weapon against other people. So yeah fear is a pretty scary thing.

In the end I would like to say that I truly believe that we can overcome fears but do not forget that you can learn from your fears and that only by knowing and admitting your weaknesses you can be strong. So don't go around scaring people for nothing. Absence of fear does not mean you are strong, maybe stupid but not strong. 
So be smart, confront your fears and I will let you know on a little secret. Another thing that is super useful against fear is....SMILE.!

Monday, December 10, 2012

2.entry: Life is nothing but ups and downs.

 Life is nothing but ups and downs. One hell of a ride.

So i am continuing on my journey of writing a blog.
My life has been quite rocky this past week, i literally fell of a horse and dislocated my shoulder which was not a pleasant experience, but it was experience nevertheless.
So in this chapter I wanna give importance to life's route and how everything we do and think has an impact on our and other's people lives.

We might believe that what we do and decide has no impact and it may seem just a drop in the ocean. But what is an ocean other then just a multitude of drops. So we must not take our decisions so lightly. And we must face problems that head in our way. Only by confronting our differences we will grow and learn, and by solving problems we will learn to accept.

What i am trying to say here is that we should never give up, especially on ourselves. There is one quote that has stuck with me: "this is how you survive the trauma: not by knowing it will be alright but by having no other choice."
And often i see people give up just because well things get hard for a change, well that time you have to say to yourself that you can do anything and achieve whatever you like, because moments like this define who we are and give our life a purpose and something to talk about if nothing else. :) also we need to learn how to get back up again when we fall. I had times in my life when nothing could bring me to feel joy and then you have 2 options. Either you feel sorry for yourself or you change the way you think and you get back up and enjoy in life. And I did, i got back up and then eventually you will fall again but this time you already now how to stumble on your feet again.

Some people give so little credit to the power of the mind, but once you access its power it is magnificent what a single thought can do or change. I recommend to anybody who hasn't done it yet - read the book: THE SECRET. You don't need to believe everything that is written there but maybe it will make you to try out and you will see the difference.

So about this ups and downs. Well like you all have experienced we face all sort of obstacles along the way. Some people call them troubles, others call them errands and others well just simply life. I mean what would life be, if there wouldn't be a bump in the road and a stop-by just a few hundred meters away. This is the secret of life, you take what you get and make the most of it.
So don't be afraid to drive slower and just enjoy the ride and stop once in a while.

So to conclude this chapter of life and its secret:
Be bold and try new things, live your life to its fullest and just ride.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

1.entry: So it has all begun!

So it has all begun!

Well for starters let me introduce myself.

Name: ANZE
Last name: ZALOKAR
Location: SLOVENIA
Age: 22 
Interests: sports, movies, music, travelling, animals, books,...

Why did I decide to start a blog? 

Well because I have so much to say about everything, and also maybe I will inspire somebody with my awesome blog to be.  And I know I am a few years to late with starting a blog, it is just there never was a time when i felt like i need to post things online and when facebook was just enough.

So some more basics about me: 

I go to University in Ljubljana, faculty of economics, and I major in management. And to be honest, I like business and everything but I don't love it, at least yet i don't. Because it is a lot to take in and a lot to consider in business and basically if you wanna start your own company you need to be inventive and for everything else you need lots of money to pay people to do things for you. So I don't know how much will i get from school, besides the paper that says that I am now educated citizen. But lets be honest here, being educated is so much more then having be done with school or a class. You don't earn people`s respect by going to a prestigious university, you gain in by showing yourself for who you are and being true to it. 
Okay so I got carried away here, more about me.

So I do sports, a lot of them. I have just taken up on horse-back riding and I must say so far so good. Then i have trained tennis for 8 years when i was a kid, and also i have license to play golf and to scuba dive. Also I play volleyball, basketball, table tennis, and so on and on. 
Also I am interested in travelling, but I will tell you more about in another chapter dedicated only to travelling. 
Then one of my passions is shopping for clothes and basically everything, so now and then i will let you in on an outfit that i believe is super cool and anybody can try out. 
Now lets conclude with this me, me, me chapter and move on to some serious things.